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Jonas Aaron, M.D.
Growing marijuana is a sophisticated process- which, sometimes, can turn into an onerous one on someone who lacks a clear idea about the equipment and environment necessary for sufficient weed growth. Cannabis cultivation requires four key environmental kinds of stuff- light, water, nutrition, and air. Now the question follows, how do we make sure all those kinds of stuff stay available to our loving plants?
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Here comes the tricky play of equipment. The right kind of equipment will result in the best kind of growth. For indoor cultivation, you need to make sure of getting grow lights (conveniently LED or HPS ones) to cover for lack of sunlight. You will also be needing to grow tents with a ventilation system.

The soil should be chosen wisely; there are pre-made soils available for cannabis cultivation. Bad soil may cause root rot or no root binding. You will be needing a thermometer along with a humidity monitor, as different cannabis plants are preferred to have the different best suitable temperatures for their sufficient growth.
TDS and pH meters are necessary for better maintenance. Fabric pots are better than plastic ones, you have to keep that in mind! You can try liquid nutrients such as FoxFarm or other ones to keep the nutrient supply to the plants in balance.

I can talk more about equipment but these are the basic ones you will need when you start growing your weed.
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