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How to obtain doctors recommendation for $25

Most people don’t apply for MMJ recommendations believing it’s a cheap pleasure.

Such a stereotype isn’t surprising as most got used to the offline services that require really great sums of money for the visit, evaluation and prescription.
That is the reason people sometimes are afraid of MMJ recommendation and think they cannot afford the one for making their health stronger.
We are happy to calm you down and make sure: cheap medical marijuana card is reality nowadays and everyone can get it. Moreover, the process of getting will be fully free of charge and rather pleasant ( as you don’t need to spend the whole day in queue but apply directly from you home without leaving the house).

MMJ HERB hand-with-card-300x223 Cheap medical marijuana card: myth or reality?


How it works?

With the online clinics which have entered the marked since 2016, it has become much cheaper and easier to obtain medical marijuana card. It’s convenient for old people who physically aren’t able to leave their houses for visiting the clinic or for students who cannot sleep because of stresses but don’t have much money for wasting it on the appointment and the prescription. It’s suitable for modern people who spend most of the day before the scenes of their devices and can quickly fill the form via the website during, let’s say, a lunchtime.

What price we offer?

Talking about cheap medical marijuana cards we mean our cheapest package that costs $29 per year. It provides you with a digital recommendation that becomes valid immediately after the payment. No need to wait or go somewhere to take it away. Moreover, you may find plenty of discounts and promo codes which are offered by MMJ Herb for newcomers, veterans, renewals, etc.

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MMJ HERB pexels-photo-606506 Cheap medical marijuana card: myth or reality?

What to do if you are not sure medical marijuana is appropriate for you?

First of all, apply for it and talk to the doctor ( as despite it’s an online clinic, you may have a call either phone or video and get the consultation). In addition, we’ve thought in advance about such situations and are ready to present one more novelty from MMJ Herb.

You Amy obtain not an annual card but the one for a month  ( the cheapest price is $5.99). It gives you an opportunity to check if cannabis helps you feel better, increase your mood and make your health stronger. If everything is more than good, you may always update your package or upgrade it til the annual one. If something is wrong, we’d recommend to find another solution or consult the physician once again.
Besides the cheapest package for $29, we have other which are a bit more expensive but provide you with more rights and opportunities. So it’s up to you which one will be your choice this time.

Do you have MMJ recommendation from our or any other doctorIn our clinic, you can renew it for a year at $ 25 only.

Do it in this way:

1. Press the red button ORDER NOW

2. Fill out the form

3. In the “ID download” field, attach a photo of your old recommendation

4. Send a request to our doctor

5. After the approval of your new recommendation, at the payment stage, indicate the promo code in the input field, discount code: RENEW

6. Voila, the price for recommendation renewal is only $ 25 per year now.

So you get the lowest price on the market!