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Don’t Stress About Mouth Swab Drug Tests

Even though weed is legal, at least for people with medical cannabis cards, you can still lose your job if you test positive for cannabis on a workplace drug test. Most of the drug tests you have taken for work were probably urine tests. You can read about those elsewhere. In fact, if you are a savvy 420 fellow traveler, you might even already know what you have to do to pass those. The mouth swab drug test has different purposes from the urine test. It is both easier to pass than the urine test and harder to fool.

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Good News About the Mouth Swab Drug Test

Habitual weed smokers are used to abstaining from marijuana for one to two weeks before a scheduled urine test. Therefore, the short mouth swab test detection time will come as a great relief to them. The mouth swab test can only tell if you have smoked weed within the last 48 hours or, by some accounts, the last 24 hours. Therefore, if the last time you smoked was on Friday night, then a Monday morning mouth swab test is nothing to worry about. Therefore, the simplest way regarding how to pass a mouth swab drug test is to ignore Dre, Snoop, and Nate Dogg’s command to “smoke weed every day.”

How Mouth Swab Drug Tests Work

Among the most important mouth swab drug test facts is that the test is looking for THC that is currently in your saliva. It does not require a cheek swab of skin cells, like a DNA test does. It is really only testing your saliva. The only way that the mouth swab drug test will find THC in your saliva is if you have very recently smoked weed. Eating cannabis edibles leaves less THC in your saliva than smoking marijuana does. Therefore, if you think your work is likely to give you a mouth swab test soon, you can always munch your way to the munchies instead of smoking.

Uses of the Mouth Swab Drug Test

Workplaces sometimes give mouth swab tests, and it is their right to do so. Alcohol is legal, but you can lose your job for being drunk at work; the same goes for weed. Therefore, employers will do a mouth swab test to see if you got high right before work, which is against company rules. If they did a urine test, it would just show if you smoked on your day off, which is none of your employer’s business. Likewise, traffic cops sometimes use mouth swab tests as the weed equivalent of a breathalyzer.

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How to Outwit the Mouth Swab Test

If a mouth swab test is imminent, you can always try to dilute the THC in your saliva. You can drink lots of water or brush your teeth and use mouthwash frequently. These strategies are not foolproof; the test might still find THC if you have smoked recently.

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