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From Another Perspective: Marijuana Museums

How many things people devote their attention and respect to, keeping them and saving their history in museums? A great deal of them! For sure at least once in your life you visit customary local history museums as well as museums of scientific wonders, cinema or even chocolate.

So no wonder that marijuana made no exception. Some passionate followers of cannabis created places, where people may learn the history of marijuana, contemplating artifacts and enlighten themselves considering marijuana not only as a drug. And cannabis is really worth honoring and recognizing its value.

It’s as if not commonly and socially accepted to mention that cannabis has been used for a long time in most world’s dominating cultures as a medicine and in highly respected faiths in their spiritual rituals.


I’ve found an amusing fact that in the Mahayana tradition of Buddhism, it is said that Buddha subsisted for six years on nothing but hemp seeds. And it’s worldwide known, that one of the three major Indian deities, Shiva, consumed and worshipped cannabis in his spiritual practice.

Furthermore the Japanese, who are famous for chasing away evil spirits in their numerous ceremonies till present, also used hemp for purification in their rituals. And even the clothes, worn during religious rituals and ceremonies, were made of hemp!

Referring to the official website of a nonprofit collective SPARC even the legendary and respected Greek Herodotus wrote about the use of cannabis by the Scythians, whose cultural practices he observed and wrote about.

The list of historic facts of cannabis use in the majority of cultures and religions all over the world can go on and on. And I personally believe that such a great amount of facts couldn’t be made up even by some perverted minds just to promote hemp and make its use popular (or may be just to have an odd article in Wikipedia).

As a person who is constantly broadening my outlook and especially in everything that has any relation to marijuana I came across a wonderful opportunity to combine the pleasant with the useful. The almighty Internet provides me with a terrific website of even more terrific place that is called  the Hash Marijuana & Hemp Museum.

Guess one of the residences of the museum? High five, man, it’s Amsterdam!

The director of the museum Ben Dronkers in his interview (that can be found here) in an affectionate manner narrates about the background of the Museum’s foundation. And he is personally proud of his favourite painting from 1660 by 17th century artist David Teniers de Jonge, a contemporary of Rembrandt, that is on display in Hash Marijuana & Hemp Museums in Barcelona, by the way.

One more cannabis museum, supported by the Hash Marijuana & Hemp Museum (Amsterdam/Barcelona) was opened in Palermo.

So, if you happen to be in one of these wonderful cities be sure to visit not only shopping centres but also educational cannabis centres in the person of mentioned above museums.


As I said before hemp has a worldwide history, not surprisingly that even in New Zealand there is a cannabis museum!

As the official website of the first New Zealand’s cannabis museum says: “Whakamana Cannabis Museum is a centre for Cannabis education, information and law reform activism based in Dunedin, New Zealand”.

To sum up, I must say that except officially established museums to display cannabis and stuff relating to it, there are different exhibitions devoted to the plant throughout the world like an award-winning exhibition – Altered State: Marijuana in California that took place in the Oakland Museum in September, 2016.

My personal piece of advice: be curious about what you are interested in, go around the world, finding out some extravagant places and facts about something that everybody is still shy to speak about loud!