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How To Apply For A Medical Marijuana Card In Michigan

Michigan has been an early supporter of medical marijuana programs. Its earliest legislation regarding medical cannabis goes all the way back to 2008. The current set of medical marijuana card Michigan laws have been in force since December 2016. Specifically, Michigan governor Rick Snyder signed three House bills and two Senate bills regulating the sale and use of medical cannabis. Among other things, these new laws specify how to get a medical marijuana card in Michigan. Getting a medical cannabis card in Michigan is easier than you might think.

The Only Way to Get a Medical Card in Michigan Is the Official Way

There is only one way how to get a medical marijuana card in Michigan. The only entity that can issue a Michigan medical marijuana card is the Bureau of Medical Marijuana Regulation. This office is under the authority of the Department of Licensing and Regulatory Affairs. It is not legal to buy marijuana in Michigan unless you have an official card issued by the BMMR. Without the card, you can still get in trouble for buying weed, even if you have a physician’s recommendation and a completed application.

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The Application Process for a Michigan Medical Marijuana Card

To apply for a medical marijuana card Michigan, the first step is to download an application packet and fill out your portion of the application. Then your physician must fill out the physicians’ section of the application. You can just go to the doctor you normally see, who knows your medical history. The application has a list of qualifying conditions, and your doctor can check one or more of them, depending on your medical history. If your doctor is recommending you for a medical card based on a condition not included on the list, there is a space to indicate the unlisted condition.

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Some states have a registry of doctors certified to recommend medical cannabis, Michigan does not. In Michigan, any doctor can recommend a patient for a medical cannabis card. If your regular doctor is unwilling to recommend you for a medical cannabis card, you will need to find another doctor who will. A good way to find one is by asking your friends who have medical cards to recommend their doctors to you. Your doctor might also refer you to a 420-friendlier colleague.

After You Get the Physician Recommendation

To submit your application, send the following items to the BMMR:

  • Your application, completed by you
  • The physician recommendation, completed by your doctor
  • A copy of a valid Michigan driver’s license, state-issued ID card, or voter registration card
  • A $60 application fee

Beware of Frauds

With big news comes misinformation intending to capitalize on it. Beware of commercial sites that try to sell you a medical marijuana card. The only legal way to get a medical cannabis card in Michigan is through the BMMR. Everything else is just false advertising. For reliable information about medical marijuana laws in Michigan, visit the MMJ Herb website.

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