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How To Get A Medical Cannabis Card In Arizona

California and Colorado get the lion’s share of the positive publicity about medical cannabis, but that does not mean that medical cannabis users in other states are completely out of luck. The Arizona medical marijuana program allows Arizona residents to use cannabis to manage a variety of medical conditions. As long as you follow the laws relating to medical cannabis use, you are free to use cannabis in the ways that you find most helpful.

Arizona Laws About Medical Cannabis

The Arizona Medical Marijuana Act of 2010, also known as Proposition 203, made it legal to use cannabis for medical purposes. According to the law, it is legal for a person bearing an Arizona medical marijuana card to possess cannabis. The authorities will not ask you where you got your weed if you have a medical card. Arizona medical marijuana laws do, however, specify where patients can legally buy cannabis. You can use your medical card to buy cannabis from licensed dispensaries.

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How to Get a Medical Marijuana Card in Arizona

The first step to getting a medical marijuana Arizona card is to get a physician’s recommendation. Specifically, the doctor must fill out the ADHS Medical Marijuana Physician Certification form. The doctor who fills out the form can be a medical doctor (MD) or an osteopath (DO). Naturopaths and doctors of homeopathy are also eligible to fill out the form. The doctor must be in practice in Arizona. If your usual doctor diagnoses you with a marijuana-qualifying condition but will not fill out the recommendation form, simply take your medical records to another doctor. The doctor who recommends you for Arizona medical marijuana does not have to be the same doctor that made the diagnosis.

Once you get the certification form from a doctor, you can apply for a medical card. To apply for the card, submit the following documents to the Arizona Department of Health Services (ADHS):

  • Your ADHS Medical Marijuana Physician Certification form completed by an Arizona physician
  • A valid Arizona driver’s license, Arizona state ID card, or U.S. passport
  • A passport-sized photo taken within the last 60 days (you can get this taken at most pharmacies)
  • A completed patient attestation form
  • If you receive SNAP benefits, send documentation of your participation in the SNAP program

MMJ HERB 606506 How To Get A Medical Cannabis Card In Arizona Blog

It costs $150 to get a medical cannabis card in Arizona. If you receive snap benefits, it costs $75. A replacement for a lost or stolen medical cannabis card costs $5.

Physician Recommendation Consultations Online

If your doctor will not recommend you for medical cannabis, you can get an online consultation with a doctor who will. Visit the MMJ Herb website to schedule an online consultation with a recommending physician from your state. Once you have gathered all the necessary documents, the process is quick. You can receive your completed ADHS Medical Marijuana Physician Certification form the same day. Once you receive it, you can legally possess and purchase cannabis for your own medical use.

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