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How to renew my medical card if it has expired?

How to renew my medical card if it has expired?

Cannot sleep because of pain? Got tired during the working day and plenty of thoughts don’t leave you?

The only solution is a new portion of medications which you’ve recently finished. But no way, you’re going to the nearest dispensary hoping to obtain calm dreams but no such luck! The recommendation which seems to be new has just expired and you even haven’t noticed that. Familiar with?

We know, the situation is very unpleasant and despairing:( But take it easy! As we know fast solution.

The process of medical marijuana card renewal isn’t something that takes long and make you wait anymore. Being even in the store, you can renew your card within 10 minutes only and be happy after having a long sleep or getting rid of dull ache.

To renew your medical card you need reapply for it once again. A few simple steps and a year card is in your pocket or in your mobile who knows?
When you enter the website in a year, it may seem you’ve forgotten everything and need to start all over again, however it’s not always so. What you need to do is appeal to our support agent for getting a renewal code – a special discount is one more bonus for returning patients as we value your loyalty! You will renew medical card not only quickly but almost for nothing ( as the discount is up to 20%)!

For self-contained patients we’d recommend to pay attention to main packages and define the most appropriate ( you may either choose the one you’ve used previously or go higher and try something new!).
After the package is chosen, simply click on it and find yourself on the application webpage. Here is where everything starts. Fill your personal information, contact data and the most important – upload the pic of your DL, passport or previous recommendation. After all is done, simply send the completed form to our physician and wait for 10 minutes.

During this time your data will be processed and you’ll get the confirmation email together with the payment link on the approval. Pay for the order with any credit card and get your new recommendation immediately by email.
There you are! Come back to the store, present the recommendation ( you may save it on your device or print it) and get weed for your strong sleep and good health.
Don’t forget to check your recommendation on the expiration date from time to time via the verification website and be always up to date with its validation.

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