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Marijuana Fests: what is what?

Nowadays there is a growing tendency to conduct various events connected with the miraculous cannabis. But what is it: an attempt to draw publicity’s attention to legalise this herb worldwide, a sign of people’s madness or just a new way of having fun? Let’s have a look at some to our mind gripping events and clear it up.

The 1st fest is The Great Midwest Harvest Festival that was held in Madison, Wisconsin on September, 30 – October, 2 this year. They call themselves on the

official page on Facebook “The nation’s longest running “legalization” Festival”. There you could you listen to speakers who support the idea of legalisation of marijuana use in different spheres of life. Of course it was accompanied with music events and bands’ performances. And the particular feature was Parade/March to Capitol Steps. For more information visit the Harvest Festival site.

Watch the 50 ft. Joint video from the Harvest Festival.

It’s impossible not to mention The SEATTLE Hempfest that was held on August, 19-21 this year. According to its official website the mission of the Hempfest is “To educate the public on the myriad applications of the cannabis plant, the laws about its use, efforts for reform, and conducting business in the new legal environment”. The celebration of its 25th anniversary

was accompanied with a thoroughly planned and conducted series of different events with musical performances, seminars, the extensive speakers’ list. Such a sophisticated preparation and conduct confirms the intense development not only the festival itself but a change in people’s minds and approaching changes in all spheres of life concerned the use of hemp. This great rally proves that it’s high time to get rid of existing stereotypes.


Everybody wants to be a winner, And as a proof of the win we need a trophy. High Times may provide you with one. The 2016 High Times SoCal Medical Cannabis Cup organized a 2-day competition combined with a series of seminars, demonstrations, a live grow room and much more informative and captivating events. Everything is aimed at making and optimization ganja use legal and useful. For detailed information about the High Times SoCal Medical Cannabis Cup, visit their website here.

To watch how it was click here.

The New England Cannabis Network (NECANN) hosted a yearly Convention for support of educational and informational side of Medical Marijuana use. This year it was held on April, 23-24 in Boston, Massachusetts. It’s interesting also from business point of view, because theConvention covers career and business opportunities accompanying this with demos, seminars, speakers’ performances. By the way The Convention will also be held in 2017, and it’s said the scale is going to be larger! You may check out their official page on Facebook.


To finish our short review on prominent cannabis events we’d like to stop on a bright expo devoted to the day that most people look forward to – a wedding. On January, 16 at Denver’s Point Gallery there was held The Cannabis Wedding Expo. It attracted lots of people and no wonder why. Vendors demonstrated brides and grooms different variants for food, drinks, gifts, bouquets and photography using weed. By the way the idea of weed weddings has been increasing that’s why we expect Cannabis Wedding Expo boom!

Watch a nice reportage by Fox31 about the Cannabis Wedding Expo.

In conclusion  we must admit that wide spreading of marijuana is worth noticing. It’s a new stage in our world and of course everybody needs to understand that something once been an enemy can be a friend within reasonable limits. So let’s broaden our outlook and explore these limits.