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Medical Marijuana Approve For Military Veterans

A U.S. Senate panel recently voted to allow doctors of the VA (Veterans Affairs) Department to make recommendations for medical marijuana to military veterans.

The Appropriations Committee of the Senate approved this amendment, which was proposed by Jeff Merkley (D-OR) and Sen. Steve Daines (R-MT).

Daines later explained that this will simply allow veterans to explore medical cannabis with their VA physician or doctor.

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Merkley noted that for veterans to be informed that they have to find a completely new medical system to receive recommendations for cannabis is incredible inconvenient.

This move happened one day after the House Rules Committee stopped various floor votes on amendments regarding access for veterans to medical cannabis.

Previously, different the cannabis recommendation measures were approved by the full Senate and House, but these were never enacted into law. This amendment approved by the senators additionally protects veterans from being denied services by the VA if they take part in a medical marijuana program approved by a state.

Under existing VA internal policies, government physicians are not allowed to fill out medical recommendations for cannabis to veterans, even if it is legal in the state.

MMJ HERB marijuana-1910598_1280 Medical Marijuana Approve For Military Veterans Blog

If this measure is included in final spending legislation for the VA for the 2019 Fiscal Year, the department will no longer be allowed to enforce the current ban recommendations for medical marijuana.

In a report on the vote made by the Appropriations Committee, Daines commented that there should not be discrimination against veterans when they receive care at the VA. He added that they deserve access to treatment most suitable to their medical requirements, just like they would get at any other clinic.

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