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Medical Marijuana Out of Sporting Interest

I bet that almost everybody once in their life promised that from Monday they start doing exercises, jogging or working out. And I’m personally proud of those who kept their word, but the amount of memes on the Internet shows that we are still promising. A friend of mine told me: “For this I need rubbing some cannabis oil”.

Of course I was puzzled as you do by this phrase, because everybody knows, medical marijuana is meant for people with therapeutic indications. It is permitted to get in medical dispensaries on presentation of a medical recommendation, which is possible to get, by the way, through MMJ Herb. And you may what-the-hell-you-are-talking-about protest. But here are some interesting facts based on true stories, interviews and research showing that medical marijuana has all the necessary traits to be used in sports.

Surfing the Internet to find out whether my friend was right I came across NORMLathletcs, an official website of a not for profit organization, which aim is to educate people about effect and benefits of medical marijuana in athletic development.

I was pretty shocked seeing a lot of athletes, both professional and amateur, practise deliberate use of medical cannabis in their activity.


Professional marathon runners, extreme snowboarders, golf players, players of such leagues as NFL and NBA claim in public that medical cannabis should be legalised and used along with widespread Xanax, Valium, Oxycontin.

Doing sports professionally is a hard, often poignant, wearing out, stressful and accurate job. Of course an athlete’s body is under the enormous burden of strain, patience, endurance and stamina. For sure traumas, both psychological and physical, accompany high results and victories. That’s why no wonder that sportsmen use some sort of medication to relieve pain, speed up the recovery process and stimulate their potential. Some are prohibited and considered performing-enhancing drugs, but for example the same Oxycontin is still being prescribed.

And setting aside social prejudices athletes start using anti-inflammatory and pain killing cannabis in its possible variations: smoke, vape, oil, edibles. The secret of cannabis efficiency in its active elements such as cannabidiol (CBD) and tetrahydrocannabinol (THC). In combination they work wonders influencing brain and body’s receptors that regulate pain, emotions, appetite, and memory.

A widely-used interview of one of the most famous advocates of medical marijuana, a former NBA player, Jay Williams, once again proves the growing athletes’ intention to legalise medical marijuana.

But on the other side of the coin there are people who affirm that, for instance NBA and NFL players have been ingesting marijuana for decades. Some opponents state that marijuana, alongside with alcohol, is a major participant of all possible off-court and off-pitch events.  

But here are some more fascinating items given by the research published in ScienceSignaling stating, that a human body produces the familiar cannabinoid as marijuana contains. This substance produces the so-called “runner’s-high” effect, which is associated with a feeling of euphoria, a reduction in anxiety (anxiolysis) and pain (analgesia), and an increased sense of relaxation (sedation).

So, it turns out that roughly saying I may compare running and using cannabis? I suppose it’s high time to start  jogging at least for 15 minutes as of today!

As far as running concerned the web-site Greatist.com narrates a fascinating story  about a runner who lights up marijuana before and after his running sessions. And lots of pro-cannabis advocates assure that such method helps to relax and enjoy the process of running.

No doubt that the benefits and side-effects of marijuana use should be studied and researched more thoroughly.

The story of Brendan Haw, a former NFL player, who has been suffering from neurological conditions of mood changes, is described by Gridiron Cannabis Coalition, “the organization as a vehicle for advocating NFL players’ rights, educating everyone, and promoting new research”.

In the end, everything should be tried and tested to receive results, but 100% clear that medical marijuana shouldn’t be laid on the shelf. As a doctor’s recommendation for medical marijuana use from MMJ Herb.