What does 7/10 mean in Marijuana history?

7/10 has become a well-known cannabis holiday that is a firm favorite of cannabis consumers. Cannabis concentrates have changed the way cannabis is ingested. Marijuana concentrates are celebrated on their own on 7/10, while 4/20 is used to celebrate the whole cannabis industry. If you don’t know why 7/10 is such a special cannabis holiday, … Continue reading “What does 7/10 mean in Marijuana history?”

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South Carolinian Democrats Vote ‘Yes’ to Legalizing Medical Marijuana

In a recent primary election in South Carolina, the Democrats held a ballot referendum to ask voters if medical marijuana has to be legalized. Although the House and Senate Committees in the same state have 2 bills that could legalize medical marijuana, and these showed wide-spread support earlier this year, they were not voted on … Continue reading “South Carolinian Democrats Vote ‘Yes’ to Legalizing Medical Marijuana”

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Does Medical Cannabis Have Side Effects?

Side effects are effects of a drug other than the desired effect for which the drug is being prescribed. For example, the intended effect of hormonal contraception for women is to prevent ovulation. Common side effects of contraceptive drugs include weight gain, acne, and lack of menstruation. Antihistamines, which are used to treat itching and … Continue reading “Does Medical Cannabis Have Side Effects?”

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How To Get A Medical Cannabis Card In Florida

The medical cannabis laws in Florida are fairly typical for a swing state. The Sunshine State has always had its outspoken 420 advocates, but it has been slower than the sunniest state on the other coast in formalizing a medical weed program. The current rules about how to get a medical marijuana card in Florida … Continue reading “How To Get A Medical Cannabis Card In Florida”

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How To Get A Medical Cannabis Card In Arizona

California and Colorado get the lion’s share of the positive publicity about medical cannabis, but that does not mean that medical cannabis users in other states are completely out of luck. The Arizona medical marijuana program allows Arizona residents to use cannabis to manage a variety of medical conditions. As long as you follow the … Continue reading “How To Get A Medical Cannabis Card In Arizona”

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How To Apply For A Medical Marijuana Card In Michigan

Michigan has been an early supporter of medical marijuana programs. Its earliest legislation regarding medical cannabis goes all the way back to 2008. The current set of medical marijuana card Michigan laws have been in force since December 2016. Specifically, Michigan governor Rick Snyder signed three House bills and two Senate bills regulating the sale … Continue reading “How To Apply For A Medical Marijuana Card In Michigan”

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All About Cannabis Taxes In California

One of the early arguments for legalizing cannabis was that legalization would help raise public funds through a cannabis tax. Of course, when California residents head to the dispensary to buy weed simply because, as adults, it is now their legal right, taxes are probably the farthest thing from their minds. Taxes are an important … Continue reading “All About Cannabis Taxes In California”

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Getting A Recommendation For A Medical Marijuana Card Is Easier Than You Think

You only need to click a box saying that you are at least 21 years old to view the dazzling online catalogs of California’s medical cannabis dispensaries. It only takes a few clicks to have the amazing products within daydreaming distance. Weed brownies are just the beginning. You can choose cannabis energy bars, pear-flavored cannabis … Continue reading “Getting A Recommendation For A Medical Marijuana Card Is Easier Than You Think”

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