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69 Absorbing Weed Videos to Watch in Your Free Time!


Below you’ll find 69 amazing marijuana-related videos: the history of weed, growing materials, the difference between poor and healthy cannabis, strains information, alternative medicine. All that and more in our video listing! Videos about the History of Marijuana Cannabis has a very long history of human usage. Find out some useful information in our video … Continue reading “69 Absorbing Weed Videos to Watch in Your Free Time!”

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PTSD & MMJ’s Fruitful Union

We already paid attention to the pain issue in our article “Against Pain Together With MMJ”, but PTSD deserves a separate article in our blog, as it’s far more complicated than just a physical pain… Our life is full of different stressful events, often unpleasant and emotionally painful, and our brain records all the happening … Continue reading “PTSD & MMJ’s Fruitful Union”

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Medical and Recreational Marijuana: bros or cons

MMJ still in the lead In the light of recently accepted Prop. 64 I’ve decided to prove: never exchange an old friend for a new one. How good-looking, recreational and tempting it could seem at first sight. It’s known that cannabis is still illegal under Federal Law. The regulation of drugs is realised through the … Continue reading “Medical and Recreational Marijuana: bros or cons”

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Weed & Pregnancy

Is It Dangerous To Use Marijuana During Pregnancy? Using marijuana while pregnant is highly debatable.There’s not a lot of data on the side effects of weed on a growing embryo, but The American Congress of Obstetricians and Gynecologists recommends to stop using cannabis while you are pregnant. The Oldest History of Using Marijuana During the … Continue reading “Weed & Pregnancy”

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