5 Unexpected Ways Medical Marijuana Can Make Your Life Better

In recent times, there has been a renewed interest in cannabis and its various remedial and therapeutic uses. The results of many recent studies have sparked the interest of medical professionals in the plant and its potency in treating ailments. It is interesting to note that even patients are trying out home remedies for their … Continue reading “5 Unexpected Ways Medical Marijuana Can Make Your Life Better”

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“Trump Will Legalize Marijuana” Anthony Scaramucci Forecasts

Anthony Scaramucci who was a former official to the president gave the hint that the Trump Administration may soon legalize the use of marijuana.  The Former White House Communications Director suggests the timing to be after the midterms. In his interview with a leading online media, Scaramucci holds the opinion that the president is disposed … Continue reading ““Trump Will Legalize Marijuana” Anthony Scaramucci Forecasts”

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Definitions and Uses of the parts of the cannabis plant

Although Cannabis has the notoriety of being abused as an illicit drug, its application is far more versatile than just getting people high. Looking back at history, the weed has a broad application in the textile and healthcare industries, among many others. This article expounds on the various parts of the plant and its uses … Continue reading “Definitions and Uses of the parts of the cannabis plant”

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Does Medical Cannabis Have Side Effects?

Side effects are effects of a drug other than the desired effect for which the drug is being prescribed. For example, the intended effect of hormonal contraception for women is to prevent ovulation. Common side effects of contraceptive drugs include weight gain, acne, and lack of menstruation. Antihistamines, which are used to treat itching and … Continue reading “Does Medical Cannabis Have Side Effects?”

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