Chocolate and Cannabis: A Passionate Love Affair

Several decades ago, we used to enjoy the gourmet cannabis edibles as homemade weed brownies exclusively. However, things have changed over the years, we now have varieties of options such as candy bars, gunny candies, confectioneries, and beverages. Among all the options available, a Colorado-based company stands out with its elegant gourmet products that take … Continue reading “Chocolate and Cannabis: A Passionate Love Affair”

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How does cannabis benefit Asthma patients?

Up to 300 million people globally suffer from asthma, a chronic respiratory disease. For millennia, cannabis has been used to treat asthma symptoms, including in traditions from ancient China and India. Bronchodilatory The bronchioles form the network of tubes in the lungs that carry oxygen to the alveoli. These become constricted during an asthma attack … Continue reading “How does cannabis benefit Asthma patients?”

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5 Ways Marijuana is used medicinally

Recent studies that demonstrate the therapeutic value of medicinal cannabis for a wide range of health problems has resulted in support for cannabis skyrocketing. Cannabis could be useful in treating or alleviating the symptoms of numerous serious diseases, including spinal cord diseases, cancer and insomnia. Cancer According to the Canadian Cancer Society, cancer causes approximately … Continue reading “5 Ways Marijuana is used medicinally”

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Does Medical Cannabis Have Side Effects?

Side effects are effects of a drug other than the desired effect for which the drug is being prescribed. For example, the intended effect of hormonal contraception for women is to prevent ovulation. Common side effects of contraceptive drugs include weight gain, acne, and lack of menstruation. Antihistamines, which are used to treat itching and … Continue reading “Does Medical Cannabis Have Side Effects?”

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All About Cannabis Taxes In California

One of the early arguments for legalizing cannabis was that legalization would help raise public funds through a cannabis tax. Of course, when California residents head to the dispensary to buy weed simply because, as adults, it is now their legal right, taxes are probably the farthest thing from their minds. Taxes are an important … Continue reading “All About Cannabis Taxes In California”

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Getting A Recommendation For A Medical Marijuana Card Is Easier Than You Think

You only need to click a box saying that you are at least 21 years old to view the dazzling online catalogs of California’s medical cannabis dispensaries. It only takes a few clicks to have the amazing products within daydreaming distance. Weed brownies are just the beginning. You can choose cannabis energy bars, pear-flavored cannabis … Continue reading “Getting A Recommendation For A Medical Marijuana Card Is Easier Than You Think”

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Blue Dream Is A Mellow Treat For Beginners And Seasoned Medical Cannabis Enthusiasts Alike

California has been a cannabis lover’s paradise since before it became the site of a booming legal cannabis industry. For decades, open-minded types have eyed California as a destination for developing the perfect weed strain. The blue dream weed strain is one of the classic products of the California cannabis scene’s culture of experimentation. It … Continue reading “Blue Dream Is A Mellow Treat For Beginners And Seasoned Medical Cannabis Enthusiasts Alike”

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Cannabinoids Are Not Just for Weed Anymore

What are cannabinoids? If you have done any research at all about the medicinal effects of cannabis, you have probably heard of these compounds. You have probably also heard plenty of conflicting information. Are cannabinoids natural, or are they man-made chemicals? Do they make you feel stoned or not? The reason you have probably heard … Continue reading “Cannabinoids Are Not Just for Weed Anymore”

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