What does 7/10 mean in Marijuana history?

7/10 has become a well-known cannabis holiday that is a firm favorite of cannabis consumers. Cannabis concentrates have changed the way cannabis is ingested. Marijuana concentrates are celebrated on their own on 7/10, while 4/20 is used to celebrate the whole cannabis industry. If you don’t know why 7/10 is such a special cannabis holiday, … Continue reading “What does 7/10 mean in Marijuana history?”

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Another sore subject attracted our attention – HIV. We tried to gather proving facts, that medical marijuana could be an effective remedy for this condition. COULD BE HIV CONTROLLED? HIV or human immunodeficiency virus and subsequent AIDS are destroying conditions, that already killed approximately 36 million since 1980s. HIV attacks the immune system of a … Continue reading “CAN MEDICAL MARIJUANA HELP TREATING HIV?”

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PTSD & MMJ’s Fruitful Union

We already paid attention to the pain issue in our article “Against Pain Together With MMJ”, but PTSD deserves a separate article in our blog, as it’s far more complicated than just a physical pain… Our life is full of different stressful events, often unpleasant and emotionally painful, and our brain records all the happening … Continue reading “PTSD & MMJ’s Fruitful Union”

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