How does CBN differ from CBD?

Cannabinoids are chemical compounds and there are 113 different types of which CBN and CBD are two. CBN is an abbreviation for cannabinol, while CBD is the abbreviation cannabidiol. Due to its powerful psychedelic effects, tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) is probably the best known cannabinoid. Even if you’re not familiar with the high marijuana can cause, the … Continue reading “How does CBN differ from CBD?”

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How To Get A Medical Cannabis Card In Florida

The medical cannabis laws in Florida are fairly typical for a swing state. The Sunshine State has always had its outspoken 420 advocates, but it has been slower than the sunniest state on the other coast in formalizing a medical weed program. The current rules about how to get a medical marijuana card in Florida … Continue reading “How To Get A Medical Cannabis Card In Florida”

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How To Get A Medical Cannabis Card In Arizona

California and Colorado get the lion’s share of the positive publicity about medical cannabis, but that does not mean that medical cannabis users in other states are completely out of luck. The Arizona medical marijuana program allows Arizona residents to use cannabis to manage a variety of medical conditions. As long as you follow the … Continue reading “How To Get A Medical Cannabis Card In Arizona”

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Cannabinoids Are Not Just for Weed Anymore

What are cannabinoids? If you have done any research at all about the medicinal effects of cannabis, you have probably heard of these compounds. You have probably also heard plenty of conflicting information. Are cannabinoids natural, or are they man-made chemicals? Do they make you feel stoned or not? The reason you have probably heard … Continue reading “Cannabinoids Are Not Just for Weed Anymore”

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Crypto-Currency Is The Best Way To Buy Green Crack Weed

Green Crack is a truly delightful strain of weed. Somehow, it manages to sidestep weed’s most undesirable side effects, such as paranoia and lack of concentration. If there is a strain of weed you would want to smoke while studying for finals, green crack is it. But, where do you buy such an elite strain … Continue reading “Crypto-Currency Is The Best Way To Buy Green Crack Weed”

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