What is Marijuana Yoga?

Marijuana yoga, also known as Ganja yoga, simply means smoking Marijuana before practicing. Ancient texts actually describe this practice and for millennia, Yogis have used various herbs to enhance exercise. Weed and yoga are similar in that they both shift consciousness in such a way that it enables one to open up to energy, emotional … Continue reading “What is Marijuana Yoga?”

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Cannabis Can Stall The Progression Of Glaucoma

If there were a Family Feud question about medical uses of marijuana, glaucoma would probably be one of the top answers. Even people who have only the vaguest idea of what glaucoma actually is know that cannabis is a popular treatment for it. In fact, the association between marijuana and age-related eye diseases echoes in … Continue reading “Cannabis Can Stall The Progression Of Glaucoma”

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How Long Does Cannabis Remain Detectable On A Drug Test?

How long does weed stay in your system? This question has different answers depending on how you are looking for the effects of cannabis. In other words, if you smoke weed with your friends tonight, you will be sober by the time you go to work tomorrow morning. All but the most naïve people know … Continue reading “How Long Does Cannabis Remain Detectable On A Drug Test?”

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Our recent article was devoted to metabolic process in stimulating and regulating appetite. We made up our mind to continue metabolic topic in covering diabetes disease. According to National Diabetes Statistics Report an estimated 23.1 million people – or 7.2% of the U.S. population – had diagnosed diabetes. And in 2015 diabetes was the 7th … Continue reading ““SWEET” ISSUES OR MEDICAL MARIJUANA IN TREATING DIABETES”

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