What is Marijuana Yoga?

Marijuana yoga, also known as Ganja yoga, simply means smoking Marijuana before practicing. Ancient texts actually describe this practice and for millennia, Yogis have used various herbs to enhance exercise. Weed and yoga are similar in that they both shift consciousness in such a way that it enables one to open up to energy, emotional … Continue reading “What is Marijuana Yoga?”

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Is It Legal To Use Medical Marijuana To Treat Anxiety And Depression?

People have been using medical marijuana for depression and anxiety for decades. Self-medicating depression with marijuana is nothing new, even though previous generations of weed enthusiasts would not have used that term. The coveted effects of marijuana are the antithesis of anxiety and depression. Anxiety makes you worry and feel stressed but weed makes you … Continue reading “Is It Legal To Use Medical Marijuana To Treat Anxiety And Depression?”

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Another sore subject attracted our attention – HIV. We tried to gather proving facts, that medical marijuana could be an effective remedy for this condition. COULD BE HIV CONTROLLED? HIV or human immunodeficiency virus and subsequent AIDS are destroying conditions, that already killed approximately 36 million since 1980s. HIV attacks the immune system of a … Continue reading “CAN MEDICAL MARIJUANA HELP TREATING HIV?”

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