“Trump Will Legalize Marijuana” Anthony Scaramucci Forecasts

Anthony Scaramucci who was a former official to the president gave the hint that the Trump Administration may soon legalize the use of marijuana.  The Former White House Communications Director suggests the timing to be after the midterms. In his interview with a leading online media, Scaramucci holds the opinion that the president is disposed … Continue reading ““Trump Will Legalize Marijuana” Anthony Scaramucci Forecasts”

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How does cannabis benefit Asthma patients?

Up to 300 million people globally suffer from asthma, a chronic respiratory disease. For millennia, cannabis has been used to treat asthma symptoms, including in traditions from ancient China and India. Bronchodilatory The bronchioles form the network of tubes in the lungs that carry oxygen to the alveoli. These become constricted during an asthma attack … Continue reading “How does cannabis benefit Asthma patients?”

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What is Marijuana Yoga?

Marijuana yoga, also known as Ganja yoga, simply means smoking Marijuana before practicing. Ancient texts actually describe this practice and for millennia, Yogis have used various herbs to enhance exercise. Weed and yoga are similar in that they both shift consciousness in such a way that it enables one to open up to energy, emotional … Continue reading “What is Marijuana Yoga?”

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Getting A Recommendation For A Medical Marijuana Card Is Easier Than You Think

You only need to click a box saying that you are at least 21 years old to view the dazzling online catalogs of California’s medical cannabis dispensaries. It only takes a few clicks to have the amazing products within daydreaming distance. Weed brownies are just the beginning. You can choose cannabis energy bars, pear-flavored cannabis … Continue reading “Getting A Recommendation For A Medical Marijuana Card Is Easier Than You Think”

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