How To Get A Medical Cannabis Card In Arizona

California and Colorado get the lion’s share of the positive publicity about medical cannabis, but that does not mean that medical cannabis users in other states are completely out of luck. The Arizona medical marijuana program allows Arizona residents to use cannabis to manage a variety of medical conditions. As long as you follow the … Continue reading “How To Get A Medical Cannabis Card In Arizona”

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Is It Legal To Use Medical Marijuana To Treat Anxiety And Depression?

People have been using medical marijuana for depression and anxiety for decades. Self-medicating depression with marijuana is nothing new, even though previous generations of weed enthusiasts would not have used that term. The coveted effects of marijuana are the antithesis of anxiety and depression. Anxiety makes you worry and feel stressed but weed makes you … Continue reading “Is It Legal To Use Medical Marijuana To Treat Anxiety And Depression?”

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PTSD & MMJ’s Fruitful Union

We already paid attention to the pain issue in our article “Against Pain Together With MMJ”, but PTSD deserves a separate article in our blog, as it’s far more complicated than just a physical pain… Our life is full of different stressful events, often unpleasant and emotionally painful, and our brain records all the happening … Continue reading “PTSD & MMJ’s Fruitful Union”

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