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“Trump Will Legalize Marijuana” Anthony Scaramucci Forecasts

Anthony Scaramucci who was a former official to the president gave the hint that the Trump Administration may soon legalize the use of marijuana.  The Former White House Communications Director suggests the timing to be after the midterms.

In his interview with a leading online media, Scaramucci holds the opinion that the president is disposed to the legalization of marijuana while the stand of the Attorney General is against it. If we were to go with the recent unfolding events, the Trump administration is not advocating the decriminalization of the cannabis. In January, Jeff Sessions, who is the former US Attorney General, revoked the Cole Memo which was an Obama administration’s policy that protects the federal government from harassing the states where cannabis is legal.

MMJ HERB pexels-photo-414798 “Trump Will Legalize Marijuana” Anthony Scaramucci Forecasts Blog

Naturally, the January move attracted an outburst from the political figures and the states affected. Moreover, 54 liberal legislators signed a letter addressed to the president to reinstate the Cole Memo. The legislators also went ahead to draft the bipartisan bill called the State Act which protects the legal marijuana states.

Scaramucci‘s Prediction Conflict

Reports from some online media in past months are directly contradicting Scaramucci’s view that the president favors the legalization of marijuana. According to the news source, Trump organized a committee with the goal of marking cannabis a threat to national security and stop the continued acceptance and legalization.

MMJ HERB pexels-photo-987585 “Trump Will Legalize Marijuana” Anthony Scaramucci Forecasts Blog

On the other hand, the US Rep. Dana Rohrabacher spoke with a leading broadcasting media that the president will address the issues relating to the legalization of marijuana in the midterms.  Dana said he spoke with people who have insider information from the White House and they all affirmed that the president is keen on keeping his campaign promise.  The campaign promise of Trump is to leave the issues relating to legalizing marijuana to the states, but his actions have been contrary thus far.

However, Scaramucci, who only worked in the White House for a couple of days before getting fired for using “questionable language” during an interview, believes that the president will legalize marijuana during his last two years in office. 

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