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What does 7/10 mean in Marijuana history?

7/10 has become a well-known cannabis holiday that is a firm favorite of cannabis consumers. Cannabis concentrates have changed the way cannabis is ingested. Marijuana concentrates are celebrated on their own on 7/10, while 4/20 is used to celebrate the whole cannabis industry. If you don’t know why 7/10 is such a special cannabis holiday, read on for a short history.

7/10’s History

On July 10 every year the rise of cannabis concentrates is celebrated. Over the last number of years, more cannabis products have reached the market with the recreational marijuana industry growing steadily. Previously, the marijuana flower was the most dominant product, but concentrates have recently started taking over, making the history of 7/10 a short one. 7/10 is celebrated similarly to 4/20, with everyone smoking down at 7:10, both in the morning and in the evening. 7/10 was selected as the celebration data because when 710 is flipped upside down, it spells “OIL”. 7/10 is the second most popular cannabis holiday after 4/20.

MMJ HERB thought-catalog-545969-unsplash What does 7/10 mean in Marijuana history? Blog

As the concentrate market in the recreational industry in Colorado has grown extremely fast, it is seen as one of the home bases for 7/10. Colorado is a central marketplace for all concentrates, including shatter, wax live resin and distillate. Although 7/10 is not as commercialized as 4/20 yet, it is gaining popularity every year.

Consumers love cannabis concentrates and the high it provides. 7/10 is actually much more than simply a celebration. Cannabis extracts and dabs have improved our understanding both of how to isolate cannabinoids, and how different cannabinoids each have a specific purpose and role. 

Special deals 

In the weeks leading up to 7/10 some crazy deals become available. This is an ideal opportunity to purchase high-quality concentrates without having to pay an arm and a leg. Although consumers often settle for concentrates that are not as expensive, 7/10 is the time to look for the best dabs on the market. Many dispensaries start releasing their 7/10 deals about a week before the day. These range from 50% off, to buy one, get one free.

MMJ HERB shane-rounce-749325-unsplash What does 7/10 mean in Marijuana history? Blog

Apart from being able to get stellar concentrates at discounted prices, premium glass rigs, vape pens, and even nectar collectors will be going for a song. Many shops run excellent deals on high-end glassware all day. 7/10 is a golden opportunity to get your hands on the rig you’ve been eying for a while. 

If you have a MED Badge, you might even qualify for an extra discount.

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