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What should I do as MMJHerb partner?

The process is pretty simple:
Once you are facing your customer – the usual question is whether he has a medical MJ card. If he does – great. If not – even better!
You can offer him to apply for a medical MJ card online on the spot, as the card allows for:
• Purchase up to 8 ounces of medical quality MJ and store it;
• Purchase it while being 18+ (instead of 21+)
• The right to use it in different states
• Discounts

In case this conversation resulted in a customer wanting to get the MJ card – you should just go to, click on "select a state", choose your state and enter customer's data in the corresponding field.
Our specialist will issue you your personal promo code that you will be able to enter in the payment field. This promo code provides you with 10% discount that is yours to manage – as the customers usually bring cash to dispensary this is the easiest way to earn it.

Of any questions arise – our specialists will be more that happy to consult you via email or phone.

Looking forward to working with you!