Choosing the Right MMJ Package:
A Guide to Selecting the Best Plan on

Jonas Aaron, M.D.
Medical marijuana (MMJ) clinics, such as, offer patients a range of packages to choose from. Understanding the differences between these packages – Digital, Plastic, and Growers – is crucial for selecting the one that best suits your needs.
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We offer three basic tariffs (packages):

  1. Digital Recommendation Package: The Digital Package provides a quick and efficient way to obtain a doctor's recommendation. Patients opting for this plan will receive a digital recommendation in PDF format via email within 15 minutes of completing the online form on the website. However, it's essential to note that some dispensaries may not accept digital recommendations, as they may require a physical copy with a live signature and doctor's stamp.
  2. Plastic MMJ ID Card Package: For those seeking both digital and physical documentation, the Plastic Package is an ideal choice. This package includes a digital recommendation sent to your email within 10-15 minutes, along with a printed version and a plastic MMJ ID Card. The convenience of having a plastic card that fits easily in your wallet makes it readily acceptable at dispensaries, alongside the paper recommendation.
  3. Growers Package: If you plan to cultivate marijuana at home, the Growers Package is tailored for you. Along with the digital recommendation, patients choosing this package can obtain a permit for growing cannabis. This permit, resembling a state-issued plastic card, serves both as a doctor's recommendation and a cultivation permit. It is also accepted at dispensaries, providing a comprehensive solution for those interested in home cultivation.
Prompt Service:
Regardless of the selected package, the digital recommendation will be promptly delivered to your email within 10-15 minutes. This allows patients to use it immediately at dispensaries for acquiring medical marijuana.
Additional Benefits:
Choosing the Plastic or Growers Package brings extra advantages. In addition to the digital recommendation, a discreet white envelope containing a paper recommendation and a plastic card will be sent to your mailbox for added convenience, privacy, and anonymity.
No matter which package you choose, ensures that you can conveniently fill out the online form on their website 24/7 and access licensed doctor services at the best prices. By understanding the nuances of each package, patients can make an informed decision that aligns with their specific requirements for obtaining and using medical marijuana. So what are you waiting for? Visit
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